Fewer mouse moves, more shortcut enjoy.

Customizing shortcuts for your frequently visited websites

How it works

Primary Shortcut
You can link a website with primary shortcut like ALT+ 'KEY'. The 'KEY' can be any of alphanumeric keys. However, one domain can only set one primary shortcut.
Secondary Shortcut
After the primary shortcut being activated, the secondary shortcut which is a powerful enhancement to the primary shortcut can be set to any other page in the domain. The secondary shortcut is usually a better choice for subdomain pages.
Compound Shortcut
The compound shortcut is totally as same as primary shortcut except it's key are the combination of two alphabet keys. A compound shortcut is a better choice for those websites which visit fewer times than the primary website.
ALT + S linked with Slack
  • used 417 times
  • saved 20.85 minutes
ALT + R linked with Reddit
  • used 810 times
  • saved 40.5 minutes
ALT + Y linked with Youtube
  • used 516 times
  • saved 25.8 minutes
Shortcut Statistics
Your every shortcut trigger is recorded. You can know every shortcut triggers times and saved time.
Auxiliary Shortcuts
Switch tabs
ALT + Period to switch two recent tabs in freely
Jump to home
SHIFT + ALT + Space to remove url's query string or path then jump to homepage automatically